Hugh Todd
Leadership & Team Specialist

A true pioneer in the coaching profession, Hugh has been empowering individuals, leaders and teams around the world throughout a long and highly successful career in Europe, Australia and Hong Kong.

He was NATO’s support agency’s sole leadership trainer and coach for 10 years and has for example coached senior women, startups and young entrepreneurs, the construction and various other industries, young people ‘at risk’, and educators. He has won a national-best small business award. Known as ‘the coach’s coach’ he has developed online video-based programmes for leaders and coaches.

Hugh loves to encourage people to break out of comfort zones and to apply learning actively. He deals with ‘Sticky Floor Syndrome’ with self-critical high potentials and delivers entertaining & engaging leadership courses across a wide range of topics.

He is passionate about building emotional, social and physiological resilience as part of a suite of stress management strategies, ranging from elimination of unnecessary stressors to temporary coping strategies.

Qualified to Post Graduate level in coaching, to Masters level in Human Resource Management and a master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming, Hugh is also an accredited professional associate of Marshall Goldsmith’s Global Leadership 360 and Stakeholder Centred Coaching.