Resilience Roundup - 23/07/2019

The first of many, the Resilience roundup is a collection of our favourite articles and content about mental health, wellbeing and resilience.

The Article “Eight ways businesses can improve mental health and wellbeing for their staff and local community” is an article we like because it doesn’t just cover how an employer can improve the mental health and wellbeing of their employees, but also the local community! Supporting the local community in this way is a very effective and positive form of marketing and PR for your business, enabling better and more productive employees while also improving the people’s opinion of your business in the process, and as part of an effective ESG commitment strategy, can have heaps of benefits!

The article titled “Workplace Wellbeing - Surviving or Thriving?” covers the story of a college climbing their way up the Mind’s Wellbeing Workplace Index by improving the processes in the college to improve the teachers mental resilience, which then ensures that the students get a better quality of teaching. This article has some actionable advice and things that could be used in your own business to improve your employee’s mental resilience.

The article “4 out of 5 employees rate office well-being programs as valuable” is an article we liked as it serves to show just how powerful and valuable a proper well-being program can be for your business, especially one built bespoke for your specific needs and requirements.

Another interesting read is the article how “Regular rounds of 18 holes improve mental and physical wellbeing” that shows some studies about how golf can help to improve your physical and mental wellbeing, due to the contact with nature and exercise that sports such as golf offer, there is also a very useful infographic referenced in the article.

An article covering Mental health in Hong Kong: how physical activity can improve your overall well-being is an article we like, covering “Move It for Mental Health” in its campaign to encourage Hongkongers to increase their fitness activity in February to help their mental health, and while this may take place on foreign soil, still has many things within the article that are actionable worldwide!

And those are our recommended links and resources around mental health, wellbeing and resilience for this week! If you want support improving your businesses performance by improving their mental resilience or physical wellbeing, then be sure to get in touch!

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