Organisational Purpose

Organisational Purpose

Cultural transformation solutions connecting people to the ‘purpose’ and 'vision' of an organisation, inspiring a movement of incredible change. 

The Power of Purpose

An incredible 70% of companies don’t have a clearly defined organisational purpose. 70% of people, therefore, don’t know why they spent 90,000 hours of their life working.

Corporate purpose connects people to something deeper than just generating profit for shareholders. It allows people to recognise the impact they have on their customers, community, society and the world around them. 

Today’s workforce thrives on business vision and purpose. It inspires people, motivates them and gives them the clarity of mind to innovate and create.


Delta V’s proven ‘Game Plan™’ model helps define your organisational purpose and quickly connect your people to it. Since 2004, it’s helped a number of major international brands become market leaders, decreasing their turnaround and aligning multiple businesses after M&A.

Sample Programme

Our ‘Game Plan™’ solutions are large-scale, bespoke and carefully crafted projects including:

  • Design. Senior Delta V consultants work alongside your senior leaders to understand your situation, needs and goals. 
  • Set Purpose. Workshops with your top team create or help clarify the purpose of your organisation.
  • Align Leadership Teams. Facilitated workshops give your leaders ownership to decide the strategic pillars, behavioural frameworks and ‘Game Plan™’ that they will use to deliver success.
  • Cascade. Workshops throughout the business engage, inspire and motivate people to engage the ‘Game Plan™’ and deliver.
  • Develop. Leadership development training may be needed to support leaders in implementing change.
  • Review. Workshops to review goals, progress and ensure change is delivered. 
Our Impact

‘Game Plan™’ has consistently proven to inspire widespread behavioural change and has delivered the following returns: 

  • Increased EBITDA, profitability and revenue per employee. 
  • Leaders, teams and individuals that are genuinely engaged and passionate about delivering results for the customers, society and shareholders they serve. 
  • 89% increase in employee satisfaction.
  • 85% improvement in customer advocacy.
  • Reported 81% improvement in delivered products or services.
  • Greater sense of belonging, pride and motivation. 
  • Increased collaboration, innovation, agility and resilience. 
  • Improved recruitment and retention of top talent. 

OUR RECENT Organisational Purpose programmes

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