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The Challenge

Speedy Hire were pursuing ambitious business objectives and an ambitious growth plan and despite being faced with a difficult and turbulent market, were determined to achieve results for their customers and shareholders. 

Speedy Hire's CEO felt that his people and business had untapped potential that could be vital to achieving its goals.

He reached out to DeltaV to help him determine how to tap into this potential and transform the performance of the business, as well as helping the business to become more progressive and diverse. 

The Solution

Programme duration: 12 months

Participants: Over 250 leaders

DeltaV's team embedded itself within the business, spending time with senior leadership and leaders throughout the organisation, as well as HR and Learning & Development teams.

The team conducted quantitative diagnostics and analysis, concluding that the people of the business lacked understanding and connection to the organisation's purpose and leaders lacked the knowledge, skills and experience to deliver the results expected of them.

A blended programme of psychometrics, workshops and 1:1 coaching was designed to embed and cascade the organisation's purpose using DeltaV's 'Game Plan(TM)' process. 

A bespoke Leadership Development programme also helped develop leadership ability at key levels in the business to ensure that leaders were prepared to transform the business from within. 


Speedy Hire's CEO was delighted by how DeltaV's 'Game Plan™' was seen to spread throughout the business, aligning and motivating people at every level of the business to deliver their best performance for the benefit of their customers, each other and the business. 

Despite a turbulent and challenging market, the business became more competitive and achieved its growth objectives. Employee turnover was also seen to reduce by 25%, helping to retain vital talent and corporate expertise that will be pivotal in expanding the business and continuing deliver exceptional customer experience.