The Challenge

Matalan had enjoyed a sustained period of success, growth and expansion and as a result, their Retail Director was presented with a common challenge, how to attract great new talent and give them a sense of belonging and align them to the purpose of the organisation.

Matalan's Retail Director reached out to DeltaV to help him answer this question. He wanted to develop a way of motivating and inspiring his new hires as soon as they joined the business, helping to inject energy, creativity and commitment throughout the business. 

The Solution

Programme duration: 6 months

Participants: 600 Area Managers and Front-line Leaders

DeltaV spent time embedded with Matalan's senior leadership and HR and Learning & Development teams to create a bespoke on-boarding package that would deliver the Retail Director's goals and perfectly complement the wider on-boarding process. 

Over 600 junior retail leaders attended the DeltaV programme across a 6 month period, focusing on Matalan's heritage, values, behaviours and the impact that the business has on its customers, society, its employees and the world, its purpose.

The DeltaV team blended theoretical lessons with exciting outdoor based team building, problem-solving and leadership activities to help explore and embed the academic foundations.

Leaders also received a 1:1 coaching package to provide continued learning and expert advice from carefully selected DeltaV coaches as they joined their teams and helped drive business growth. 


The Retail Director was delighted with the impact of the programme and 6 months after the programme, improved employee engagement figures were proven to demonstrate the positive impact that our work had on the business. 

Business growth also continued to improve consistency in the figures reported following the programme, outcomes that Matalan's Retail Director recognised DeltaV's invaluable contribution towards.