Resilience Roundup – 20/08/2019

As a consultancy that’s passionate about delivering evidence-based solutions for our clients, we’re constantly on the look out for the best research and activity on mental resilience, leadership and physical wellbeing. Here’s some of the best articles that we’ve been reading this week!

We like the article Self-care needs more prominence in the workplace to build mental health resilience in staff, says RedArc because it addresses the importance and need for  self-care and effective mental health and resilience support for employees. It also makes a clear link between investment in this support and the positive impacts to the individual, their team and the business.  

The article 12 Things you can do to build mental resilience is an article we like because it gives many useful and actionable actions and steps you can take to build your mental resilience over time, and as a video, gives you an alternative way of learning how to improve your mental resilience.

The article Garden promotes mental resilience for students at Richard Lander is an article we like because it shows just how simple some methods to improve mental resilience actually are, as well as the benefits you can receive from this with some useful and actionable steps.

Those are our recommended links and resources around mental health, wellbeing and resilience for this week! If you want support improving your businesses performance by improving their mental resilience or physical wellbeing, then be sure to get in touch!

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Resilience Roundup