Resilience Roundup – 06/08/2019

The second resilience roundup, this article will cover the best articles about mental resilience and physical wellbeing published in the last week.

The article “The 3 Biggest Benefits of Building Mental Strength” is an article we likes because it is a very short but powerful read that gives 3 great reasons why you should be building mental resilience. There is a also a section within the article that gives some good steps to building your mental resilience.

The video on “Goal Setting | Mental Resilience Training | British Army” is a video that we like as it shows the benefits of goal setting in mental resilience training in the army. Overall the mental resilience training series is a good watch as the short, bite sized videos allow for easy to understand and ultimately actionable steps in improving your mental resilience.

An article titled “Want Greater Mental Health? Plunge Forward Into The Unknown!” which looks into New research joined with observations from therapy to reveal a common theme, which is that “Mental health grows from creating and pursuing an ideal vision and path for yourself; one that you feel pulled towards as though by a magnet as you go forward in your life.” And has a lot of actionable steps which can help to improve your mental health and resilience.

And those are our recommended links and resources around mental health, wellbeing and resilience for this week! If you want support improving your businesses performance by improving their mental resilience or physical wellbeing, then be sure to get in touch!

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