Royal Air Force
The Challenge

The Royal Air Force had highly effective and well-established methods for developing its operational leaders however it had a dearth of training aimed at supporting middle managers to carry out the wider range of staff roles that they engaged in after 8 years in service, particularly those with a commercial, business focus.

A new internal programme to deliver an adapted Institute of Leadership and Management programme had been designed but lacked the commercial expertise that DeltaV could offer. 

Realising a key capability gap, senior Training Officers approached DeltaV to this element of the new programme, leveraging expertise in developing transformational leadership, coaching, talent development, management and commercial activities such as procurement, preparing business cases and financial management. 

The Solution

Programme duration: 2 years

Participants: 150

The programme focused on developing transformational leadership in approach to new challenges, so began with every participant completing a Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire, or MLQ™ and receiving detailed 1:1 feedback and coaching. 

A series of bespoke workshops, seminars and further 1:1 coaching complimenting the wider ILM programme was delivered over the course of 2 years to help develop and support the leaders, offering them expert support and advice as they learned to apply their learning to their work. 


The hugely successful programme was heralded as revolutionary for a military organisation to be engaging specialist business developing to help their middle managers.

The dearth of this type of training until this point become evident as the leaders gained knowledge and confidence in areas that were vital for them to be effective in specific roles that they had not received any training for until that point. 

As a result of the programme, leaders grew in confidence and became far more effective in executing all aspects of their highly challenging roles in middle-level leadership and management, roles that are pivotal for the effective running of an organisation of over 40,000 people.