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As a consultancy that’s passionate about delivering evidence-based solutions for our clients, we’re constantly on the look out for the best research and activity on mental resilience, leadership and physical wellbeing.

The second resilience roundup, this article will cover the best articles about mental resilience and physical wellbeing published in the last week.

The first of many, the Resilience roundup is a collection of our favourite articles and content about mental health, wellbeing and resilience.

How can digital leaders reduce stress and boost productivity in the ever more agile, informed and connected world? The digital revolution has transformed the way we do business and the cost of a remote, high-pressure digital working world on us, the people, is discussed below.

Maintaining your resilience in times of failure can be challenging, and fear of failure is natural. Below, DeltaV Head of Operations, Ben Fellowes, offers advice for embracing failure and preparing yourself to 'bounce forward' after a failure.

How can a new job threaten our mental resilience, and how can we businesses protect new employees from the vulnerabilities of their new position? Ben Fellowes and Gareth Lock offer tips for retaining new employees and reframing negative situations.

In this insight, Ben Fellowes (DeltaV Head of Operations) and Matt Lock (DeltaV Head of Wellbeing) explore how Csikzentmihaly's 'Flow Matrix' can help us manage pressure effectively and how we can apply the model to resilience and physical wellbeing.

Below, Ben Fellowes (DeltaV Head of Operations) and Resilience Specialist, Dr Lizzy Bernthal, explore how building and maintaining healthy mental resilience and the concept of ‘getting in flow’ can revolutionise business success.

Below, Dr Paul Turner provides an outline of how organisations can use Bass and Avolio’s Full Range Leadership (FRL) model and the Multi-factor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ™) to identify, evaluate and develop transformational leadership.  

For Mental Health Awareness Day 2018, DeltaV Partners Head of Wellbeing and ex-professional footballer, Matthew Lock, shares some thoughts on the close relationship between physical and mental health.