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To be successful in todays’ ultra-fast, highly connected and complex workplace you need people who are in peak physical and mental condition. When employees are well fed, hydrated, in a great state of physical fitness with a clear and positive state of mind they can truly perform at their best. Fact.

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We believe that health, fitness & wellbeing isn’t the preserve of a gym or park, it can be a part of your working day. Short, enjoyable conditioning sessions can have significant benefits to physical and mental condition and wellbeing. DeltaV Wellbeing programmes deliver exactly this, brining conditioning training for the mind and body in to the workplace.

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DeltaV Wellbeing programmes have been highly effective in addressing the following questions:

  • How can we help our staff to make time to train their mind and body?
  • How can we encourage a culture of wellbeing in our organisation?
  • We need to promote a healthy form of team bonding, how can we do this?
  • How can we reduce the levels of sickness in our teams?
  • Is there a way to avoid workplace injuries other than education?


Our programmes are inspired by sport and adapted for business. We think of every employee as an athlete who must harmonise their technical, mental and physical ability to deliver their very best results.

DeltaV Wellbeing programmes are designed to be bespoke for each client and can be delivered via seminars, workshops or our exclusive m-Learning programme which allows people to learn and practice wellbeing anywhere, anytime.

Our 12 week in-house programmes are the best way to fully embed behavioural change. Working up from toe to head, weekly 15 minute, bitesize sessions are delivered by our expert coaches and teach people mobilisation, relaxation or stretching exercises which can be repeated at their desks or at home with no need to change into gym clothes or take a shower afterwards.

We reinforce all of our programmes with our exclusive m-Learning content which allows people to keep learning and practising anywhere, anytime.

Some examples of sessions in the 12 week programme include:

  • Desk or chair based stretching and myofascial release exercises
  • Quick relaxation exercises
  • Quick and easy nutrition lessons and meal plans
  • Pressure point activation to reduce stress
  • Simple movement sessions to increase mental alertness and reduce fatigue
  • Team building activities to promote interaction and reduce stress


Maintaining a high level of physical and mental wellbeing can deliver significant benefits to any organisation, not just those in physical, high performance environments:

  • Increased productivity, focus and motivation
  • Increased mental resilience and endurance during high stress periods
  • A chance for staff to relax in a healthy and positive environment
  • Reduced sickness, lost productivity and staff turnover
  • Increased team cohesion
  • Increased employee engagement, satisfaction and retention


Strategic Consulting

All DeltaV services are available on a consultation only basis, providing our expert advice and guidance during design but helping you to manage the execution of the programme.

For advice on the most effective way to deliver your programme, please contact our design team at

Immersive workshops

All DeltaV programmes can be delivered either in-house or at off-site locations using traditional, well tested learning techniques. All programmes are designed specifically for a client need with a coaching team carefully selected to deliver a solution best for our clients.

All of our coaches are carefully selected and are the very best in the industry.

For advice on the most effective way to deliver your programme, please contact our design team at

Experiential workshops

If you want to really stretch your people, we can do this for you. Some of our partners are ex-military Officers with operational experience in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are ideally experienced to deliver this step up in training for your people. Team Safety is paramount and no one is put in any situation that they will not enjoy or learn from

For advice on the most effective way to really push your people to the next level, please contact our design team at

Keynote talks & seminars

Our people have amazing and out of this world personal experiences, they have inspiring stories to share that reinforce the messages you wish to leave with your people at conferences or town halls.

DeltaV Keynote events are tailored to your needs and use experiences gained in high performance business, elite military units, professional sport and extreme expeditions to provide anchors that put into context the key messages you seek to reinforce.

For advice on the most effective way to deliver your programme, please contact our design team at

Digital Learning

The culture of learning is changing, fast. The most successful people are constantly looking for a competitive edge, for new ways of learning, new ideas and ways to improve themselves and their people. To meet this shift, all DeltaV programmes include a Digital Learning capability, offering bitesize 2-4 minute digital lessons which can be delivered to anyone, anytime, anywhere; perfect for widely dispersed, remote working or ultra-high tempo businesses. Digital Learning allows us to truly embed learning across your organisation, developing a common understanding, awareness and language around the four DeltaV Fundamentals. We also offer digital and collaborative learning hives through our mobile learning platform, allowing people to come together and learn from us and each other throughout their leadership journey. For advice on the most effective way to deliver your programme, please contact our design team at

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