Organisational Purpose


Purpose gives meaning to people and teams. It gives them belief that they are contributing to something that they value, something worthwhile. It connects your people to your organisation and offers you a real sustainable competitive advantage.

70% of organisations lack a clear purpose, one that their people understand and more importantly believe in.

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Purpose has the power to unite an organisation and unlock the full potential of its people, even more so when they are empowered to decide how your strategy will come to life, in other words letting them build the Game PlanTM.

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Our Game PlanTM model is proven and highly effective in addressing questions such as:

  • We have just experienced a merger, how can we bring the whole organisation onto one page, aligned to shared values, beliefs with a common identity?
  • We have ambitious plans to exploit a new opportunity, how do we quickly engage everyone in the plan and change strategic direction?
  • How can we quickly reverse the decline and or silo mentality that we are experiencing?
  • How can we unlock the full potential of our people that we know they have?
  • Our leadership teams seem to lack initiative and spark, how can we engage them fully?


Game PlanTM identifies your organisational purpose, vision, mission, strategic pillars and values. It engages your leadership teams in a process of debate and reflection giving them ownership of the plan and crucially securing their commitment.


The benefits of individuals being deeply connected and aligned to their organisational purpose are stunning and include:

  • Improved revenues and EBITDA
  • Effective and fast implementation of strategic change
  • Increased employee engagement, satisfaction and motivation
  • Increased individual and team productivity
  • Increased staff retention
  • Recruitment of higher quality people and faster on boarding due to purpose alignment
  • Increased contribution and offering of high quality ideas


Strategic Consulting

All DeltaV services are available on a consultation only basis, providing our expert advice and guidance during design but helping you to manage the execution of the programme.

For advice on the most effective way to deliver your programme, please contact our design team at

Immersive workshops

All DeltaV programmes can be delivered either in-house or at off-site locations using traditional, well tested learning techniques. All programmes are designed specifically for a client need with a coaching team carefully selected to deliver a solution best for our clients.

All of our coaches are carefully selected and are the very best in the industry.

For advice on the most effective way to deliver your programme, please contact our design team at

Experiential workshops

If you want to really stretch your people, we can do this for you. Some of our partners are ex-military Officers with operational experience in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are ideally experienced to deliver this step up in training for your people. Team Safety is paramount and no one is put in any situation that they will not enjoy or learn from

For advice on the most effective way to really push your people to the next level, please contact our design team at

Keynote talks & seminars

Our people have amazing and out of this world personal experiences, they have inspiring stories to share that reinforce the messages you wish to leave with your people at conferences or town halls.

DeltaV Keynote events are tailored to your needs and use experiences gained in high performance business, elite military units, professional sport and extreme expeditions to provide anchors that put into context the key messages you seek to reinforce.

For advice on the most effective way to deliver your programme, please contact our design team at

Digital Learning

The culture of learning is changing, fast. The most successful people are constantly looking for a competitive edge, for new ways of learning, new ideas and ways to improve themselves and their people. To meet this shift, all DeltaV programmes include a Digital Learning capability, offering bitesize 2-4 minute digital lessons which can be delivered to anyone, anytime, anywhere; perfect for widely dispersed, remote working or ultra-high tempo businesses. Digital Learning allows us to truly embed learning across your organisation, developing a common understanding, awareness and language around the four DeltaV Fundamentals. We also offer digital and collaborative learning hives through our mobile learning platform, allowing people to come together and learn from us and each other throughout their leadership journey. For advice on the most effective way to deliver your programme, please contact our design team at

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DeltaV Game Plan

DeltaV Game PlanTM harnesses the enormous power of purpose. Our proven model aligns your people with your organisation’s purpose, vision, mission and strategic aims and creates a blueprint for cascading this message throughout your organisation and bringing your strategy to life. This is how it works.

Initial consultation with CEO establishes the strategic aim of the organisation and sets the goal of the programme.

Working collaboratively with the senior leadership team, Game PlanTM establishes the Purpose, Vision, Mission, Strategic Focus and Values of the organisation. Engaging the leadership community in this decision making process ensures mass commitment through a sense of ownership.

Targeted coaching develops key skills and knowledge that your leaders need to put the strategy into action.

Now your leadership teams take over. They take away a simple, clear plan that they can use to cascade the message to their people who will ultimately deliver it.

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Our exclusive m-learning platform allows your leaders to learn from each other and our coaches whilst they are putting the Game PlanTM into practice. Click here to learn more.