Willis Towers Watson

the situation

Willis insurance brokers had seen falling performance in the UK and concerning decline compared to its other international operations. Action had to be taken to reverse the decline.

the deltav solution

A new UK CEO, Nicolas Aubert was recruited with an ambitious vision of how to change the fortunes of the business. Nicolas engaged DeltaV to implement a Game Plan™ programme that would clarify and execute his strategy and have rapid impact.

Working with Nicolas and his top 150 senior leaders, the Game Plan™ team created a strategic framework which provided a clear path to change and one which they all owned and believed in because they had been instrumental in its creation.

Over a period of 3 months and 2,000 contact hours, the Game Plan™ team facilitated frank and honest debate around core purpose; why Willis exists, where it is going, what it wanted to achieve and how it was going to execute on that target.


Four months after we started work Willis had a new UK business 100% focused on a strategic framework that 150 leaders built. Within 12 months performance improved and the integration with Towers Watson moved the business in a positive new direction.


“DeltaV did a great job for us. It was instrumental in facilitating the development our strategic framework that aligned our people and challenged them to shape our future. By stimulating the top 150 leaders we also ignited the enthusiasm and potential of our best talent in the business.””

Nicolas Aubert, CEO, Willis GB