The Big W

the situation

Based in Australia, the department store Big W is made up of over 22,000 staff spread throughout the country within various operational and support divisions. The company was facing new and significant threats from K-Mart a Target and needed to adopt and change rapidly to survive.

the Deltav solution

Following a detailed needs analysis, the DeltaV team implemented a Game Plan™ and leadership development programme for the top 76 leaders in the business which identified a new core purpose and strategic framework. The programme also focussed on empowering the leadership teams to effectively communicate and implement the strategy across the vast geographical spread of Big W operations.

By empowering the leadership teams with the enthusiasm, skills and confidence to drive culture change, the new message spread rapidly with conviction, passion, energy and focus.

On the frontline, the invigorated leadership teams were instrumental in increasing employee engagement, levels of customer experience satisfaction increasing productivity whilst reducing levels of absenteeism and resignation


The Game Plan™ and leadership development programme was instrumental in achieving a 30% increase in sales over a 12-month period. The period also saw customer engagement levels leap from 18% to 67% (a near 400% increase), transforming customer relationships and supporting the increase in trade and profit.


“DeltaV facilitated a range of strategic and operational leadership development interventions which helped to create a step change in leadership strength and performance within a short period.

The Game Plan™combined with a strategic yet pragmatic and practical delivery has proven to be a powerful combination which has galvanised our team and set us on course for success”

Mark Axon, Retail Director, Big W