New Look

the situation

New Look had reached a severely challenging time in its history. Trade was falling, difficult discussions were being had with bankers and the threat of failure was absolutely real.

A huge step change was needed to keep New Look afloat. Alistair McGeorge was appointed to change the business’s fortunes, quickly. He appointed DeltaV to change the culture of the organisation so that his new strategy for the business could be implemented.

the deltav solution

The DeltaV team conducted an in-depth assessment alongside Alistair before recommending a full Game Plan™ programme be deployed.

The programme worked with the top 125 leaders to create a strategic and leadership message as well as delivering a full personal development programme focussing on leadership, resilience and empowerment.

Game Plan™ took 5 months to implement and involved a tough examination of the business and the individuals that made up the various teams. A new Core Purpose was created which galvanised the business with terrific belief that the tough numbers being asked for were actually achievable.


The turnaround at New Look was remarkable. The implementation of Game Plan™ and continued leadership development programme eventually saw the business be sold for £900m in 2014. A terrific return for the shareholders, a superb testament of Alistair’s then Anders leadership and a huge vote of confidence in the brand.


“We had to address our leadership and readiness and ability to change if we were to turnaround the fortunes of the business.

DeltaV’s Game Plan™ provided a diagnostic evidence of our need to invest in our people and also provided a clear understanding and articulation of our core purpose, vision, strategic pillars, values and leadership behaviours. The effect of having everyone aligned behind a core purpose was immense and so was the extra effort that came surging through thereafter. From there we were able to deliver our strategic goals, one of which included a new refinancing package of over £1bn.”

Alistair McGeorge, Former Executive Chairman, New Look