House of Fraser

the situation

House of Fraser realised the need for a change in strategic direction and working alongside his board, CEO John King had created a vision and set of values for the business. What he needed was an effective method to cascade this new message to his 1000 people throughout the business.

the deltav solution

A bespoke version of Game Plan™ was implemented to engage the senior leadership within the business in the new vision and values and empower them to bring these to life and communicate them to the wider business. The programme involved workshops, facilitated discussions and exercises to give align personal values and beliefs to the new strategic direction of the board.

The programme also involved personal development and leadership coaching packages to enhance the leadership teams’ ability to effectively implement the strategic change.


A new, refreshed customer centric culture was created which saw business performance improve year on year, increasing trade and profit margins substantially. This upward trend attracted suitors from afar and a successful takeover was concluded with the Sanpower Group of China as a result.


“As a business in these tough trading times, it’s vital for me as the CEO to know that leaders across the organisation fully understand the strategy and values of our business.

We decided to use DeltaV thanks to their pragmatic approach and personal experience both in executing change on this scale during their time as leaders but also their track record for delivering large scale change to their clients.

DeltaV’s ability to implement a programme that inspired change across the whole business within 10 weeks was extraordinary. It inspired leaders throughout the business to continue to drive change long after they had gone. It was much appreciated by us all at House of Fraser”

John King, Former CEO, House of Fraser