Resilience Roundup – 25/06/2019

The third resilience roundup, this article will cover the best articles about mental resilience and physical wellbeing published in the last week.

The article “High or low? This system evaluates employee performance based on physical, emotional well-being” is article we liked because it covers a mobile sensing system that uses smartphones, a custom app and fitness bracelets to allow for a system that can evaluate the physical and mental wellbeing of an employee and how it affects their work.

The Article Titled “ Stacey Kehoe: “As business leaders, only when we feel mentally and physically well are we in a position to be able to thrive in other areas of our lives” ” is an article we like at it covers an interview of a business leader and how they continue to work hard and perform under stress and when things were hard, showing mental resilience and some actionable advice within the article.

The article titled “How To Engage CEOs In Employee Well-Being” is an article we likes because it gives strong actionable advice on how to get the CEO/Managing Director of your company on board with a proper employee wellbeing scheme, which benefits the employees massively, which then helps to give a higher quality of work which then benefits the CEO/Managing Director.

And those are our recommended links and resources around mental health, wellbeing and resilience for this week! If you want support improving your businesses performance by improving their mental resilience or physical wellbeing, then be sure to get in touch!

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