About Us


In 2004, SFL, the forefather of DeltaV Partners was founded by our CEO, John Fay MBE who believed that inspiring great leadership in others depended two key components; knowledge and experience.

John brought together a team of academics and experienced leaders who had lived and breathed leadership within business, elite military units, professional sport and mountaineering teams.

Since 2004, we have delivered large scale transformational change for clients both in the UK and across the world developing the leadership talent of over 40,000 people. To learn more about our programmes to date, click here.

In 2017, we rebranded to become DeltaV Partners, introducing new partners and a host of new consultants to the company who had completed John Fay’s rigorous ‘Junior Leaders’ programme some 15 years earlier before going on to serve with distinction in leadership roles within business, elite sport and the military.

Our philosophy of combining outstanding leadership academics with experienced leaders stands us apart. The training that we deliver is embedded in science and truly brings leadership to life and has real, tangible impact on the performance of our clients.

DeltaV is a proud supporter of Veteran preference hiring. We currently have on staff both British and American Ex-Forces.


The name DeltaV coms from Orbital Dynamics. In 1960 President J.F. Kennedy instilled a clear purpose in the American people and as such moved a nation to achieve an impossible challenge; to put a man on the moon and get him back safely by the end of the decade.

The Apollo programme that followed unleashed the creative brilliance of over 400,000 NASA and US engineers whose 3 stage Saturn V rocket powered Messrs Armstrong, Aldrin & Collins from Earth’s orbit into a trans lunar injection headed to the Moon, the rest is history. Leaving orbit and or returning from the Moon needed a change in velocity known as DeltaV – a combination of speed and acceleration.

We believe that delivering lasting change and achieving incredible results in any organisation takes a form of DeltaV – a combination of purpose, leadership, resilience and wellbeing  to achieve success despite whatever challenges stand in the way.

We aspire to work with people like President Kennedy; those who challenge the status quo, who are the most ambitious, bold and daring and those who know that to achieve the seemingly impossible relies on unleashing the full potential of their people.

We are a team of experienced leaders and lifelong academics with a shared passion for empowering organisations to achieve their most ambitious goals, to make their strategy come alive.