Resilience and Wellbeing experts

Formed in 2004 by John Fay MBE, we’ve trained over 40,000 leaders from 100 clients and been at the forefront of innovation in people development ever since.

Today is no different.

Our industry-leading Resilience and Wellbeing programmes are helping tackle the growing mental health crisis that is costing UK businesses over £100bn every year.


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We help organisations take incredible steps forward in performance and transform business culture by developing people, leaders and teams in four key areas, the DeltaV ‘Fundamentals of High Performance’.

All learning is supported by DeltaV Digital Learning.



Our philosophy is strictly diagnosis before prognosis. Before we design any programme we embed ourselves in your business, spending time on site visits, interviewing leaders and first line staff and deploying a range of psychometric tools to fully understand what is going on at every level.

Only then does our design team use cutting-edge academic research and decades of experience to build a truly bespoke programme that is delivered by a team of experienced specialists. Underpinning our personal delivery we deploy our m-Learning and NanoLearning platforms to embed lasting behavioural change and allow continuous and collaborative learning to be delivered to anyone, anywhere, anytime.


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